Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

MCA is a three year P.G. Degree course in Computer Applications. A Candidate having passed three years Bachelor Degree in any discipline can seek admission in first semester or can seek admissions in third semester if he has passed APGDCA/ APGDIT/ PGDCA/ PGDCS or equivalent. A student who has passed M.Sc. (Computer Science) or Master in Computer Science (MCS) or equivalent will get Admission in MCA 5th Semester.

After the successful completion of this course, the students are eligible for the job of System Operations Programmer, Website Developer and System Analyst.


A candidate seeking admission to Master of Computer Applications (MCA) should have three years Bachelor Degree (or Equivalent thereto) in any discipline from this university or any examination recognized by this university equivalent thereto. However, a candidate who has passed APGDCA/ APGDIT / PGDCA/ PGDCS/ DOEACC ‘A’ Level Certificate after graduation or equivalent of this university or any other examination recognized as equivalent by this university after three years Bachelor degree (or equivalent) is eligible for admission in MCA 3rd semester directly.

A student who has passed M.Sc.(Computer Science) or Master in Computer Science (MCS) of this University or recognised as equivalent by this university will get admission in MCA 5th Semester directly.

A student who has appeared in APGDCA/APGDIT/ Ist & 2nd semester examination from this university may be admitted provisionally in MCA 3rd semester (Lateral Entry Scheme) directly through (Distance Education Mode) irrespective of the fact that student has not cleared both semesters. However, for promotion to 5th semester such a candidate should have passed all papers of Ist semester examination and 2nd sem. Examination. Similarly a student having passed M.Sc. (Computer Science) Ist semester through distance education mode of this University and has appeared in 2nd,3rd and 4th will get admission in MCA 5th semester (lateral entry scheme) through (Distance Education Mode). However, such student also should have passed all papers of 2nd semester Examination of M.Sc. (Computer Science) for promotion to 6th semester.

The candidate may be promoted to 2nd, 3rd & 4th semester from 1st, 2nd & 3rd semester respectively. However, for promotion to 5th semester & 6th semester a candidate should have passed all papers of 1st semester examination and 2nd semester examination respectively.


iv) Passed 50% papers of each semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th examination respectively.


v) Passed 2/3 papers of semester 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th examination taken together.

Provided that a candidate shall not be allowed to attend classes in any semester unless he has fulfilled the above requirements of the previous semester(s).

Provided further that a candidate who has paid dues for the higher class and is dropped for want of fulfillment of any of the above conditions shall not be required to pay the dues again on re-admission after fulfillment of above conditions.

Course fee Fee for I to VI semesters is Rs. 10,000/- per semester which is inclusive of fee for examination. In addition Rs.300/- will be charged as one time enrollment fee.

It is a three year programme comprising six semesters but the student will have to complete this programme within a maximum period of six years .

However, the duration of MCA under lateral entry scheme shall be as follows:-

(a) Students admitted in MCA 3rd semester directly on the basis of APGDCA /APGDIT/ PGDCA/ PGDCS/ DOEACC ‘A’ Level Certificate after graduation minimum two years and maximum five years.

(b) Students admitted directly to MCA 5th Semester on the basis of M.Sc. (Computer Science) or Master in Computer Science (MCS) minimum one year and maximum four years.

Mode of Imparting Learning 30 hours of theory + 30 hours of practical classes per paper and per semester will be held at the approved study centres on Saturdays, Sundays and gazzetted holidays. Study material will be provided by this University except VI semester.. The medium of Instruction will be English only.

First Semester 
Paper No.Title of Paper Max. Marks Exam. Duration
MCA-01/M.Sc-01/APGDCA-01 Foundation Course in IT And MS-Office 2000 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-02/M.Sc-02/APGDCA-02 Computer Networking & Multimedia 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-03/M.Sc-03/APGDCA-03 Programming in C and Data Structure 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-04/M.Sc.-04/APGDCA-04 Computer Organisation And Architecture 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-05/M.Sc-05/APGDCA-05 Practical-1 (Based on M.Sc-01 & 03) 100 4 Hrs.each
Second Semester 
MCA-06/M.Sc-06/APGDCA-06 Visual C++ 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-07/M.Sc-07/APGDCA-07 Visual Basic & Oracle 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-08/M.Sc.-08/APGDCA-08 System Analysis & Design 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-09/M.Sc-09/APGDCA-09 Practical-II (Based on M.Sc.- 06 & 07) 100 4 Hrs.each
MCA-10/M.Sc-10/APGDCA-10 Project Work, Report & Viva-Voce 100 4 Hrs.each
Third Semester 
MCA-11/M.Sc-11 RDBMS 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-12/M.Sc-12 Software Engineering 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-13/M.Sc.-13 - Operating System and Unix
- Programming in C & Data Structure*
100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-14/M.Sc-14 - Internet, Web Programming & Java
- Computer Organisartion & Architecture*
100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-15/M.Sc-15 Practical-III
(Based on M.Sc-11 & 13)
(Based on M.Sc-11 & 14)*
100 4 Hrs.each
Fourth Semester 
MCA-16/M.Sc-16 Artificial Intelligence 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-17/M.Sc-17 - Computer Graphics
- System Analysis & Design
100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-18/M.Sc-18 -Object-oriented Analysis And Design
-Microprocessor and Assembly Language*
100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-19/M.Sc-19 Practical-IV
(Based on M.Sc.-17 & 18)
(Based on M.Sc.-17 & 18)
100 4 Hrs.each
MCA-20/M.Sc-20 Project Report 100 4 Hrs.each
*These papers are applicable to those students who have done APGDIT course from M.D.University, Rohtak.
Fifth Semester 
MCA-21 Internet Programming using C# 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-22Software Testing and Quality Assurance 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-23 Windows Programming 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-24IT Management 100 3 Hrs.each
MCA-25 Software Lab-Based on MCA-21 & MCA-23 100 4 Hrs.each
Sixth Semester 
MCA-26 Major Project 200  
Distribution of marks : Thesis/Project :
Viva-voce Examination 50 Internal Assessment 25

Marks will be awarded on the basis of Viva-voce examination conducted by one examiner (External only)

Thesis/Project Report will be submitted in triplicate (Hard Bound) with proper certification by the supervisor concerned who may be a person with five years working experience and must have Master’s degree in relevant field or a regular teacher working in Govt./Semi-Govt. Institution/University/Engineering College.

Students are advised to come prepared for presentation/demonstration of their Thesis/Project at the time of their final viva-voce examination.

Note: Out of 100 marks for each paper, including Theory, Practicals and Project, 25 marks are reserved for internal assessment with the following distribution:

Assignments : 15 marks
Internal Test(s) : 10 marks